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Recently found this issue while integrating a .NET application with PeopleSoft Integration Broker.

Basically the response that comes from PeopleSoft will be a NULL in .NET and doesn’t include any further error messages / details at .NET side. But the service itself will be working when trying to test it from tools like SOAP UI.

So, first tried to test it with .NET WCF Client and then found that it’s not able to create the request for the Service.  Then went to PeopleSoft IB error logs folders and found these error messages. HttpListeningConnectorUtility.initializeISRequest(). Invalid URL path. Path should be end with either of these values: {.xsd|.wsdl|.wsil}

So after having a close look at the issue, found that the WSDL is wrong.  The targetNamespace for the Response that comes from PoepleSoft IB is wrong when compared to what actually is being generated by IB.


above is the targetNamespace for the response, but when we actually see the response using tools like SOAP UI it’s

Becase of this .NET is not able to De Serialize the response that’s comes back from PeopleSoft IB which is causing the response to be NULL.  It’s amazing why the error messages are not captured.

So to fix this, downloaded the WSDL, changed the targetNamespace manually and then created the Proxy using WSDL.EXE and then included that in the solution.. which worked.

Hope this helps.


Just wanted to write something about an issue that I have recently encountered.  Thought this could be of somehelp.

Scenario is, I am working on an Infopath Form (Office 2010) which is a meant to form the Client Budgeting functionality in PeopleSoft Finance Module.  Once the Budget is created Users will submit that to PeopleSoft.  We are using PeopleSoft Integration Broker to expose Services (Synchronous) that will consume the Budget from SharePoint 2010 / Forms Services.

Problem is, We are sending the request to PeopleSoft IB and PeopleSoft is responding back with the Valid response (I am able to see this in Fiddler and also in the PeopleSoft IB Service status). But the Response XML is not being captured as an Object in .NET, it’s always NULL.

Analysis is, Upon closely going through the response / WSDL Proxy in .NET I have figured out that the namespace which is associated the Out Bound Message coming from PeopleSoft IB is wrong.  It is coming as <COMP_CBT_OUT xmlns=”“> which is actually wrong and it actually should be <COMP_CBT_OUT xmlns=””&gt;.

Fix is, Add a new Configuration entry to PeopleSoft Integration Broker Properties file (<<PSROOT>>\webserv\peoplesoft_FINDEV\applications\peoplesoft\PSIGW\WEB-INF\

ig.ResponseNamespace= and save the file.  No need to bounce the PeopleSoft Server.

Alternatively you can also edit this file from PeopleSoft Web Interface.  PeopleTools -> Integration Broker -> Quick Configuration -> Gateway Setup Properties.

Hope this helps.

Edit – 06/14/2011

Just wanted to update that this issue is resolved by Oracle in the PeopleSoft 8.50 release.

Edit – 09/20/2011

Tested on People Tools 8.51 – This issue still EXISTS.  So having the configuration as explained above is mandatory to make it work.

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