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Analytics for Twitter is an useful freeware add-in based on PowerPivot and allows users to search Twitter and create dashboard views on Tweet statistics inside Excel 2010.  Users can use any combination of search terms, including #hashtags, @mentions, @users, and keywords to search Twitter using their documented APIs, perform comparative analysis on tweets, as well as depict the tone of the tweets using a customizable tone dictionary of terms.  The workbook comes with several sheets that provide insights into the query terms.

With this FREE add-in, you can:

  • Perform up to 5 parallel Twitter Searches (limited to 1500 results per query per day).
  • Drive ad-hoc analysis of tweets by day, by hour, by tweeters, by #hashtags and @mentions.
  • Customize your views (using slicers, DAX formulas or reference tables).
  • Setup Tone Dictionary

Analytics for Twitter works only with the latest versions of Microsoft Excel 2010 and of Microsoft® PowerPivot for Excel 2010.

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