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Dynamics CRM 2011 – Report Server Integration – Named Instances

Posted on: July 27, 2012

Above is the link from MSDN which provides an detailed explanation on the configuration of Dynamics CRM 2011 SSRS Connector installation and configuration.

Unfortunately this doesn’t provide detailed explanation on Scenario’s where there are named SSRS instances configured (may be I have missed below points anywhere mentioned in the MSDN documentation). So just thought to share this information.  It would have helped me if the below two points are included in the documentation highlighted in the first page itself.

1. One installation of Dynamics CRM SSRS Connector supports only one Instance of SSRS configuration.

2. Plan your Dynamics CRM Deployment architecture and SQL Server / SSRS Deployment Architecture considering the above point.

Reason being, We started setting up the Dynamics CRM DEV and QA instances and we ended up installing DEV on “CRMDEV” and QA on “CRMQA”. We created two named instances in a single SQL Server Box “SQLSRV” with the names “SQLDYNDEV” and “SQLDYNQA”.  We also ended up creating two instances of Reporting Services on the same Server “RSDYNDEV” and “RSDYNQA”.  So the mistake was not considering / overlooking the above mentioned point #1.

When we started installing SSRS Data Connector, we understood that we can only configure SSRS Connector for one named instance. Mistake again was – We thought to use one instance for both “CRMDEV” and “CRMQA” and ignored the SSRS instance “RSDYNQA”.  So we ended up configuring “RSDYNDEV” as the SSRS Instance for both DEV and QA.

We had few issues with the Configuration of SPN’s which we have resolved.  See this Blog Article for that information. Reports are working fine in DEV and not working in QA. They are getting deployed to the Organization folder that get’s created in the Report Server.  But when we try to Run the report it only works for DEV and not for QA.

Reason being, Reports that are deployed are always trying to access the “SQLDYNDEV” instance that is Created for “CRMDEV”.  So when the report is run “from CRMQA” it will try to find the Organization that is created in QA which actually doesn’t exist in SQLDYNDEV. So they are getting failed.  SSRS Connector records the  SQL Server Connection information and Report Server Instance name in the Registry. Looks like it uses this Registry information to query the data always. Below is the Registry location.


So, for immediate fix we had to reconfigure (Repair the installation of SSRS Connector) to point the installation to “SQLDYNQA”. Later or we have resigned the Physical Architecture and moved over the databases and Configured the Dynamics installation again.

Hope this helps for better planning.

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